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My experience abroad...

Studying abroad has been one of the best experiences of my life. I am from Spain, and I decided to go abroad to improve my level of English. I came to England for that, and the experience was completely satisfying, so after a year I decided to jump to Ireland and then Malta for 2 years more.
I remember my feeling before going abroad. I was so scared of the new challenges I had to face, but I´ve found out that the best is behind it.
And currently I have another perspective of the world. I´ve met many amazing people from different countries who made my mind completly different. I have also met people I normally wouldn´t never hang out with and they are very closed friend now. Although eveverything is not so easy abroad. It takes a few days for the cultural shock to settle down, since you have to get used to another culture, another language, schedules and routines. But when you get it, this feeling is wonderful. You feel more confident and independent. I feel like I could move anywhere in the world and that I can overcome any difficulty that comes my way. In addition, you appreciate even more your home country, your family and your friends. You realize being abroad, everything that is really important to you, and things that are not so important to worry about. Therefore, I highly recomend everyone to do so. There is nothing better than feeling freedom, doing different things than you ever imagined, and being excited, positive, and open-minded with all new experiences and feelings. I would definitely repeat my studies abroad for all my personal learning. I am a different person, a better person.

                                                                                                       Cristina Palacios



2021-05-11 (3)

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