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My experience abroad...

My name is Noémie and I am French Canadian. I went to study in Eastbourne 2 years ago in order to enhance my english level and it was honestly the best decision of my life. Not only the courses were interesting, but they were also entertaining. The courses are adapted to your level of english and teachers use a wide variety of learning methods, so that it makes learning fun. At the end of the program, I even managed to do the Cambridge English Exam (CAE), which is an assessment that is recognized in several institutions around the world.

Moreover, I strongly recommend to live in a host family during your stay because it is another way to improve your english. For my own experience, I couldn’t have asked for better host parents; they were incredibly kind and friendly. They always made me feel like I was at home and were so sweet and caring. They made sure I was enjoying my experience to the fullest and without them, my experience would have been boring and unfulfilled.

Also, I found that studying abroad makes it very easy to make friendships. I have met so many lovely people around the world that I am still in touch with them to this day. This experience was definitely life-changing for me as I made wonderful relationships and largely improved my english.

                                                                                           Noémie Gagnon



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