My experience abroad Pia

My experience abroad...

In 2018, I spent two weeks in England and as the time really left its mark on me, I returned for three  weeks in 2019. It was my first journey that I did all alone and it really influenced me in a positive way.  As I had to manage all things alone in a foreign country, I gained lots of self-confidence and I became  much more independent. I met amazing people with which I am still in touch one year after my stay in  England. Moreover, I dived into the real English culture and language, which is absolutely different  from what I had learnt in school. I visited many cities nearby and appreciated to discover the beautiful  English landscape. I absolutely enjoyed staying at Olgaˋ s house. From the beginning, I felt comfortable and it was a great experience to dive into another family, another culture and another world. The  whole stay showed me that I love gaining experiences, getting to know new people and challenging  myself by staying in a foreign country. It was the first step to become an independent, autonomous  woman who discovered what she wants. I totally recommend a stay in a foreign country to everyone, because you really get to know other people ˋs lives, you leave your comfort zone and therefore find  out who you are and what you want . I learned a lot about myself, my life and my goals from this stay and I would appreciate to do it again. So, if you ever have the chance to do such a stay, use it and make  it the best time of your life! 

                    Pia Steinberger 


2021-05-11 (3)

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