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"Types of language courses abroad for children and young people! "

The future is uncertain, so you should make sure it is safe as soon as possible. Children are the most important for us, we want to make sure that they never run out of anything, make them happy and feel safe. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the future and find out what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month or ten years.

Who would you like to be when you grow up? Answers to this question often asked to children can surprise adults. They are specific, precise, with a clearly defined action plan. It is surprising that when we ask teenagers the same answer we will hear "I don't know".

The goal of our activities as parents is to show young people that it is worth having interests and passions, follow dreams, explore the world, discover the unknown ... and not be afraid of the unknown ...

English language skills are key nowadays. It is an investment in the future, which is a window to the world:

  • gives us confidence and sharpens our appetite for traveling abroad and exploring the world
  • broadens mental horizons and increases tolerance to cultural differences
  • guarantees us access to current knowledge in various fields of science, business or technology
  • is also the key to education at the highest level
  • increases the prospect of higher earnings and rapid promotion

Most of us - parents did not have the opportunity to develop at the level offered today by language courses abroad .. but they could help build a future for their children .. So do not waste time ...

" The best way to predict the future is to create it. "

                                                                                                                                            Peter Drucker

A wide range of English courses in schools around the world, regardless of level, age or interests.

We offer a wide selection of English courses in schools around the world to meet your personal needs, regardless of level, age or interests. Whether you are learning to improve your qualifications, for travel or just for fun, we have a program for you.
You choose the city where you want to go, its length and intensity of learning. Selection of additional thematic classes



General English courses are a great opportunity to improve your language skills. They are designed to increase your confidence in using the language every day, so that you feel comfortable in an English-speaking environment, whether it is socially, at work, on the road or in college. The general English course focuses on speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary.



We know the importance of international exams that will confirm your level of language proficiency at work, study or career development. Our goal is to help you acquire relevant and useful qualifications in English.



Long-term English courses are ideal for students who want to spend 6 months (24 weeks) or longer studying English and experiencing life in an English-speaking country. If you take a year of study and want to use your time productively, the answer may be a long-term English course. These courses are also ideal for students who want to prepare for future study, prepare to enter the university, or want to improve their English for the future.



They have been designed to provide you with the skills and experience you need for your future studies or career. Focuses on topics that will develop basic business skills as well as language skills. These topics include meetings and communication strategies, business vocabulary, presentation skills, understanding cultural differences, marketing, negotiation and sales, as well as telephone use. Basically, we want our students to leave our schools feeling completely at ease communicating in English, especially with potential employers.



For everyone who wants to develop their language skills in a short time, Platinum courses are an ideal option. They are designed for busy professionals, executives and mature students who want to improve quickly. (minimum age 16)
You can choose to study in specialized one-to-one sessions, where lessons are tailored to your individual needs. Alternatively, you can select sessions in small groups with up to five students in the class. On the Platinum course you will have the opportunity to meet and make contacts with other specialists from around the world.


Summer courses for young people offer young students aged 8-17 from around the world an educational and entertainment program in one of the summer centers in Great Britain, USA and Canada. Summer courses are a fantastic way to improve your English in a fun and engaging atmosphere. This is a great opportunity to meet many new people and try out many activities that you have not experienced before. Our campuses offer fantastic accommodation and facilities, all of which provide an excellent level of care and supervision to ensure our students are safe and supported during their travels.

   A trip to a foreign language course is an unforgettable life adventure that your child will remember forever and will be forever grateful for it ...


Learning, working in a group of people from various parts of the world, professional experience and ... lots of fun! The English language course is not only an amazing opportunity to learn a foreign language and make contact with students from around the world, but also a unique opportunity to enjoy traveling, sightseeing and exploring the various corners of the world for several weeks. We offer trips with English courses in the UK, USA, Canada for both students and graduates who still want to polish a foreign language and gain new - not only professional - experience!

We provide comprehensive service free of charge ..

English & Fun is a British trained and certified Education Advisor, a member of the supervisory body and agent associations.

Our mission is to help students find the right place to study.

We work with real educational service providers; have local knowledge to provide free independent advice and support to foreign students applying for a foreign language course.

  • Help and advice on choosing a course
  • We handle all formalities related to the course
  • Student accommodation
  • We apply for a visa on behalf of a student
  • We organize airport transfer

See opinions of foreign language courses

"The trip was a fantastic experience. Great atmosphere during classes, great teachers, very varied teaching methods and ... really special people I met at school professionally organized the whole trip and I can confidently recommend it to anyone planning a trip to a language course abroad. "

Arkadiusz Grudzień

"The English course has proved to be an apt and successful choice. I recommend it to everyone who wants to combine learning with active leisure together with students from other countries"

Basia Kraszewka

"I've been to three summer courses so far. Every year I stay for a long time because I'm delighted with them. All formal matters take place without any problems and E&F employees are always helpful. They work with great schools that offer many opportunities and attractions I recommend it to everyone who has a chance to participate in them "

Kamila Śpiewak

What benefits will give you a language course abroad?

  •       You will change your future or your child's future
  •       You will improve your language skills and gain confidence
  •       You will meet many new friends from around the world
  •       You will visit new places and learn about the culture over there
  •       You will spend unforgettable moments in a new environment
  •       You will gain new experience
                                                                                     And much more ...

            ENJOY FREE CONSULTATION        

We will prepare an offer for you according to your preferences

If you accept it:

  • we will reserve a course and accommodation for you
  • we will apply for a visa - if required (additional fee)
  • we will organize a transfer from the airport / to the airport
  • we will inform you how to best prepare for the trip (information about insurance, health services, bank account, currency exchange, etc.)

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